domovari mineral matt

domovari mineral matt is a mineral material consisting of 1/3 polyester resin and 2/3 natural mineral (ATH). The resulting artificial stone is high-quality, solid-coloured and homogeneous. With a look and feel more like stone, domovari mineral matt combines the natural advantages of a mineral, such as pleasant surface feel and a high-quality appearance, with the many options of technical resins. The result is a material that is flexible in design, high-quality and elegant in appearance, which is extremely easy to care for and uncomplicated to use.

domovari mineral matt is produced here in our factory in Krefeld in a high-tech production plant. The resin and ATH components are transformed into a castable mineral that can be shaped into almost any shape. Different components of a workpiece can be joined together without visible joints and are custom-made products designed with modern CAD technology and manufactured using high-precision CNC technology according to the planning specifications of our customers.

domovari mineral matt is available in approximately 10 colours with a silk matt surface.