Friedrich Marstaller GmbH

marstallerart stands for timeless bathroom worlds beyond common standardisation. Manufacture and design go hand in hand and enable a holistic view of the bathroom in the context of the entire home. This is what creates a feel-good atmosphere for the user: the bathroom is a component of the ‘living stage’ and not a ‘loner’. 90 years in four generations stand for experience in craftsmanship in the sanitary and heating and sheet metal sector. Close cooperation with specialist companies and designers in a network guarantees contemporary, special bathroom solutions.

marstallerart deliberately leaves the path of expressionless bathroom bunks and sensitises the customer to the added value of the entire bathroom space, which not only has a beautiful and free-standing bathtub, but also sounds, smells and bathes it in a special light atmosphere. This can be felt always and everywhere in the small but fine exhibition at Lindenstraße 20 in Pliezhausen_even on your sofa at home at